Thanks for visiting! Here are some questions we've heard a few times. If you don't see your question here, or you'd like more information about the work on this site, please feel free to send an email to amarette.gregor [at]

What's with all these names? They sound kinda Italian...

You guessed it! The product names for Andiamo are indeed from Italian words that relate somehow to each item. For example, the "piccolino" earrings are from the Italian word for "small," since they're bitty. The names of the lines are also Italian. "Andiamo" is Italian for "let's go!"  These names hope to capture the forward-thinking, joyful exuberance of the amarette brand.

What is amarette jewelry made of?

Andiamo is made of sterling silver, brass, bronze, and sewing thread. All earring posts, backs, and ear wires are sterling silver. All chain, cord, and necklace clasps are also sterling silver.

How do I know what color something's really going to be?

Because of the variation in computer monitors, and the nature of portraying a real-world color digitally, it's possible your new jewelry will not match the color on your screen exactly. If you receive your order and are unhappy with the color, please get in touch and we will do everything we can to make it right. We do accept returns, but unfortunately cannot refund shipping. We are also always happy to take custom orders, if you have an extra-special color in mind.

The color of Andiamo pieces comes from an upcycled material and is therefore sometimes in limited supply. This is why we offer a range of colors with the disclaimer that one pair of "deep blue" earrings may not be the same exact "deep blue" as a pair made a month later. We will always create a color blend that fits the description of "deep blue," but we embrace the limited-edition nature of the material. When you order a specific color, you will receive a beautiful, unique piece. Once a color of thread is gone it is replaced with as close a match as possible. As always, if you aren't completely happy with your order we ask that you please get in touch so we can find a solution, and we are always happy to accept returns or custom orders.

How should I care for my amarette jewelry?

Andiamo should be stored away from dust and direct sunlight. Since its main component is sewing thread, it will wear and change over time, but is designed to embrace the material and be beautiful for life. A polishing cloth can be used to keep the metal components free of tarnish, but chemical cleaners should be kept well away from the absorbent thread. The thread is treated with Scotch Guard during production to help keep the fibers looking fresh. If the piece does get dusty, a cloth can be used to gently wipe the fibers clean, but it is better to store the work covered (such as in a drawer or jewelry box) and avoid the need for cleaning. Avoid submersing the work in water or allowing it to come into contact with other liquids. When you travel, store your Andiamo pieces separately from your other jewelry, to avoid extra wear and tear on the thread.